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Ransoming Victory - Characters

Ike ChernyIke

After that mess with the breeding shed scandal that my boss, Dr. Becker caused, I didn’t think I could recover. Even though the Doctor caused the mess, he’s letting me used his entire farm rent free till I get back on my feet. Since this is my farm, I'm calling it Replika which is Polish for "second chance." Sure am hoping I can reclaim my reputation.


It took years for Ike and me to marry. But we are! It’s been great even though I sometimes wonder if Ike decided to tie the knot because it was convenient. Not only do we have the stress of getting the training business winning some good ribbons, but my nephew JJ, is probably coming to live with us. DCF sent me home with a book of rules and instructions with a whole section that might lead DCF into taking JJ away.


I thought all my worries were over when I was lucky enough to marry Vance. But it’s imperative to stay on top of looking my best for him. Yes, he spends money on me. Even bought me a hundred thousand dollar horse. But now he expects me to come out of the horse show rings with nothing but blue ribbons.