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"This mystery sure keeps you on the edge of your chair. It's sure hard to put the book down in spite of chores waiting to be done. I hope to be able to read the sequel."

Mary Taylor, Enfield, CT

"Hi Ms Brooks: I finished reading your book and loved it. It certainly kept my attention and found it hard to put down."

Hannah Mele-Andrews

"I really enjoyed your book. I hope that there will be a sequel."

Je-Ann Becker, Springfield, VT

"Patti Brooks has been the leader of the writing group at Three Rivers Community College. She has encouraged each member of the group to find his own direction by offering constructive criticism and offering suggestions in a manner that is not harsh."

Beth Schissler, Norwich, CT

"The announcement just came through the New England Equine Rescue (NEER) list that you are donating a portion from the sale of each copy of "Fame & Deceit" to Neer. Thank You! To see someone make a commitment for the welbeing of horses in need is very refreshing. So again, I say Thank You!


Explosive Murder mystery novel, "Fame & Deceit," is a tangle of sex, murder and blue-blooded horses.

Author, Patti Brooks keeps you guessing till the end with intricate plots and multi-faceted characters in this gripping murder mystery novel.

Set in New England’s horse world, "Fame & Deceit" sets off at a gallop and sizzles with intrigue.

Horse Profiler, Ike Cherny, is dedicated to his goal of becoming a World Class Morgan Horse Trainer but is constantly thwarted by the evil swirling around him and his equines. Try as he might, the horse trainer cannot turn a blind eye to the rumors that Connecticut’s clergymen are disappearing – almost as quickly as he suspects bodies are being buried in the manure pile on the horse farm.

As Ike trots his Morgan Horses around the riding ring, he worries that his girl friend, who is the commissioner of Connecticut’s Dept of Environmental Protection, is somehow mixed up in a scheme to bury toxic waste on his boss’ farm. Agosto Benalli runs Nutmeg Environmental Cleanup and could make a good profit if he didn’t have to pay tipping fees.