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Mountain Shadows - Discussion Points

A Prohibition Era novel set in the Adirondack Mountains

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  1. Mountain Shadows has several characters that thrive outside the law. Which one would you like to give a piece of your mind to?
  2. It appears at times that the Rum Runners and the New York State Police didn't think Prohibition was a serious law. Ninety plus years later, what do you think?
  3. Did the author do a realistic job of portraying the life of a Cure Cottage patient?
  4. Do you think the emphasis put on making sure the Tuberculars never were allowed to think "unhappy thoughts" was a good plan?
  5. In your opinion, do you think the author should have let Kate and Joe act upon their attraction before Alice dies?
  6. The Adirondacks in general and the villages of Saranac Lake and Lake Placid in particular play a major role. 1)Did the author make you "feel" the mountains? 2) Do the mountains and/or the villages qualify as characters?
  7. Is there any character you'd like to invite into your home and share a drink (God forbid!) or perhaps hot chocolate?
  8. Mountain Shadows is based upon a real-life Joe and Alice. Would you like to know how Joe's life played out?
  9. With the beautiful scenery and accurate portrayals of Prohibition and the Cure Cottage Industry, do you think Mountain Shadows would make an enjoyable movie? Do you have opinions on the best actors to play the key roles?