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Mountain Shadows - Characters

Joe DevlinJoe Devlin

Things are a little tough right now. Thanks for asking. The main thing is getting Alice, my wife, healthy enough to get out of these god-forsaken mountains and back to NYC. You see she has TB. Makes me sick to see how it eating her up. I'm a mechanic and work in the garage at the Lake Placid Club. I make $15 a week. Alice's basic Cure Cottage cost is $15 a week. Doesn't include chest X-rays and doctor visits.So I'm moonlighting for the Dassett rum-running gang. Dasset pays good, but I just can't get ahead or buy little things to cheer up Alice. But I got this 1924 Cadillac, see. It got pretty messed up barreling through a field of rocks and Dassett picked it up for me. I repaired the drive-shaft and positioned secret chambers on either side of it that can hold 10 gallons of booze. Big money now that I'm going to make booze runs from Canada to Albany and NYC..Buy nice things for Alice. It may be against the law, but Prohibition is my savior. See you around.

Joe Devlin April, 1925

SchemerhornSgt. Schemerhorn

I'm a New York State Trooper assigned to Troop B out of Malone. Our mission is to curtail the illegal trafficking of booze from the Canadian border down through the Adirondacks. These guys have fast cars, alright. Outfitted with ingenious ways to hide the booze. Even so, they're seldom a match for our troopers mounted on their horses. Some call us the Black Horse Brigade. Our horses, all black, can handle the deep snows that the rum runner cars flounder in. My horse, Blizzard, is my true partner. Together we've gotten dozens of these lawbreakers off the roads. Do you know they have a tendency to race through the mountain passes in the dead of night with no vehicle running lights? Citizens didn't have a chance till Troop B and their horses arrived. Well, nice chatting. Blizzard and I are back on patrol. Stay safe, now, here?

Sgt. Henry Schermerhorn, New York State Police.


Thanks for stopping by. It gets so lonely here with nothing to do but watch the icicles grow. They tell me I'm one of the lucky ones because Joe, my husband, moved from NYC so he could be close to me. He comes over from Lake Placid every Sunday and stays all day. The families of most tuberculars stay as far away from all our germs as possible. My roommate's fiancé hasn't come to see her in over a year. I have to wonder how Joe spends his week at the Lake Placid Club where he works as a mechanic. The waitresses are healthy and so pretty. But how can I blame him if he strays? The doctor says we have to put gauze between our lips if we want to kiss. He just admitted he's working for a rum running gang. If he gets caught, it'll mean jail. I know we need the money, but I can't let him go to jail for me. Please come see me again.

Alice Devlin, Winter, 1925