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The Man Who Dared to Dream - Reviews

The Man Who Dared to Dream
Carole Scanlon in the middle of the group feeding young reindeer and goats.

"I bought this book thinking it was a nice story about the Santa's Village I visited when I was young. After my read, I think the real book story is not of how he started the North Pole, NY.

Instead, it is of a man whose North Star led him to a cheerful commitment to unending innovation at the forefront of improvements for betterment and enjoyment of his community, his country and his family.

I like the two story lines that used a winter's storm and a nearby scrap book to shuttle the reader to Mr. Reis's recovery from TB in Lake Placid, and how that led to his- Christmas- is-- every-day approach to episodes that leave you with "I didn’t know he did that."

– Carole T. Scanlon, Bucks County, PA

The Man Who Dared to Dream
Terri's visit to the North Pole in 1967

"This book is both captivating and inspiring. Based on the events in Julian's life that brought Santa's Workshop, North Pole, New York to life at a time when amusement themed parks did not exist.

Each chapter sends the reader on a journey that includes a touch of history, the importance of family ties, and the hardships that could have ended Julian's dreams. He was a man ahead of the times!"

Terri Shenk, CT

The Man Who Dared to Dream
Pauline working as an Elf at Santa's Workshop in 1968

"The book revealed a spiritual and evangelistic touch that I found heartwarming.

I think everyone should read this book and come away with lessons about how people should be treated, no matter what.

I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed the book but enough said. I loved it and was much inspired by it."

Pauline Crahan

"A captivating true story that I thoroughly enjoyed! Mr. Reiss truly set an example for the following generations! Highly recommend."

Jessica Ketchum, MD

"This an inspiring story of what hope and determination will lead to. It is relevant for now and decades to come. Great summer time read."