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Fame & Deceit - Discussion Points

  1. Are there any characters in Fame & Deceit you'd like to meet up with, perhaps at a bar or coffee shop, and get to know better?
  2. Are there any characters in Fame & Deceit that you'd lock your door and call 911 if they came knocking?
  3. Did you come to care about Annie?
  4. For your taste, did the author go too deeply into the workings of the horse world? Did you find yourself skipping over those passages?
  5. Was the author adept at cultivating red herrings with regards to the clergymen murders?
  6. Did you care about Ike and his challenges and goals early on?
  7. In your opinion, did all the suspects have ample motive for murder?
  8. Did Fame & Deceit wrap up quickly enough after the murders and other issues were resolved?
  9. Did you find you came away from reading Fame & Deceit with an appreciation for horses and what it takes to make a champion?
  10. In your opinion, did Fame & Deceit end in such a way that you'd like to see how Ike, Annie and Chet make out at Beckmere?