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Fame & Deceit - Characters

Ike ChernyIke Cherny

I'm working a darn nice mare here. Annie. Got her qualified for the world championships. Got a good woman in my life, too. Eugenia. She heads the Dept of Environmental Protection here in CT. Thing is, my boss, Benalli, runs an environmental clean-up company and I have my suspicions that, for a price, Eugenia is looking the other way when Benalli has to dump a clean-up. On top of that, my good friend, Harlan, gives me a letter I'm to get to his mom should he go missing. Then the news is going wild with their talk of clergymen gone missing. Saying police suspect murder. I gotta stay focused or we won't have a prayer at the championships. Say, you like a good horse. Why don't you drop by and see my Annie work?


I gotta tell someone there's spooky stuff going on around here. Just heard there are several ministers that have gone missing. And the cops came to the farm with dogs sniffing around. And why would our farm's 'dozer operator start working after midnight at the far end of the farm? Our boss is in environmental clean-up and I wonder what he may have been dumping at the end of the farm. I don't want to change jobs. I love everything about working at Crowne Stable including Ike, the head trainer. I'm his assistant and living my days working with these great horses is a dream come true.But it's my nights that are lonely. I can't get Ike to look at me as a women.

Aristooke AnnieAristooke Annie

That's me (2nd from the left) at 6 months with my friends. Now I'm 4 and I hear Ike (that's my trainer and my best human friend) say we're going to the world championships. I'm so excited. I love trotting high and snappy. I hear people on the rail saying I'm a real show girl and they call me a "Rockette." Not sure what that is but they sound happy so it must be good. When they cheer me on I can't help but trot higher and hold my tail straight up in the air like a flag. That gets people to cheer even more! But there's a real tension on the farm now. I hear the bulldozer working in the dead of night at the far end of the farm. And when Ike drives me around in the day, I smell awful stuff where the bulldozer has worked at night. Come see me sometime soon.