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Blood Hoax

Dr. Becker, his boss and the owner of Beckmere Farm, is not about to let Ike take off to search the countryside. When he is able to slip away, the GPS takes him to some pretty strange places. Ike finds himself at a seedy bar where the patrons stare at him. At a prison, Ike looks for someone that Tueleigh identified as "William" on her GPS. Choosing a destination named "Donald," Ike follows the directions to a Peking Duck farm on Long Island. Ike goes to bed at night agonizing that Tuleigh may be in danger. He wakes up fretting he might not find her before the Nardozzi family mob does.

His boss expects Ike to turn out world class show horses. But rumors are mounting that the Beckmere horses he trains might be counterfeit. Is someone really playing with their DNA? If so, will Ike be kicked out of career in the horse industry?