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Blood Hoax - Characters


I came knocking at Ike’s door one night after my lover beat me up bad. Ike patched me up and offered me a job on the farm where he’s the head trainer. Now it’s my turn to look after Ike. Except for training horses, Ike can sure be a dumb Pollock.


"Only a crisis of the greatest magnitude has complelled me to write this." Tuleigh hated writing every word. "A situation beyond my control has forced me to make a life elsewhere. A life without you."

Ike ChernyIke

Head Trainer at Beckmere Farm. Sure sounds good, doesn’t it? Dozens of top young horses to train and show the way I want. And with good old Dr. Becker paying the bills. Gotta tell you, though, I’m getting concerned that something not right in the breeding shed. I’m not involved in getting the mares bred, but I’m thinking for whatever reason, someone is playing with the horses’ DNA and breeding counterfeit Morgans.