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Patti BrooksWe all admire the creativity of people who think outside the box. But what would you think of a person who literally Jumped out of a box? And the icing on the cake is that Patti Brooks jumped her horse out of a horse-sized birthday cake while the surrounding crowd of hundreds cheered her on with raised champagne glasses.

A writer who spins a good yarn with characters that stay with you long after the last chapter has to jump right in the middle of everything life has to offer and not be a bystander. The paths Brooks has chosen often placed her in situations that led to uncommon incidents.

Patti BrooksOne Halloween night, when Patti was a teen, she was flying with her dad in a single engine plane over Adirondack High Peaks. A vicious lightning storm disabled the radio and the plane crashed on a mountain side. In sub-freezing temperatures, they spent the night in the plane and the next day walked ten miles out to civilization.

Then there was the hot, sticky summer day when Brooks supervised some young people at an outdoor equine competition. They worked out of a large six-horse van that was parked at the top of an open field. Clouds rolled in and the wind picked up. Brooks set about getting the horses and equipment up the ramp and into the van. With one horse left to go, the skies opened up and thunder crashed. Brooks leaned into the van to retrieve a raincoat and in the next second lightning struck the van. She was thrown to the ground and rolled down the hill. Stunned and light headed, she got to her feet and hurried back to the horse. Taking a minute to time the lightning strikes and resulting thunder, she quickly released the horse from the van and hurried up the ramp to safety.

Author 2Crossing the Farmington, ME river

Although Brooks loves distance riding and has logged several thousand miles of competition, she also is a major advocate of horse showing, and the high-stepping “Park Horse” division for Morgan horses is her favorite. The prestigious New England Morgan Horse Show is held for a week in Northampton, MA. Brooks had entered in a Park Harness Championship competing, against twenty-six other horses, all harnessed to four-wheel buggies. Half way through the class, a horse across the ring bolted and took off on a path of destruction, ramming into another horse and buggy, setting that horse free who panicked and, literally jumped into the back of Brooks’ buggy tossing it on top of Brooks with the horse landing at her side. Brooks’ horse leapt in the air and took off. Friends quickly found a new buggy and within the seven minute time allowed for “repairs” got her horse hooked to the borrowed buggy and the class resumed. It’s interesting to note that she was Reserve Champion.

Patti BrooksThat experience illustrates how Patti goes the extra mile to get the job done. She’ll keep at it till it’s done and done right! Brooks brings this never-say-die trait to her stories that don’t tend to fit nicely into the rules of genre. The sole purpose of her stories is to entertain readers.

Patti BrooksFrom a very early age she learned the satisfaction of offering folks pleasant respites to the tediousness of everyday life. Patti worked for Santa Claus! Mr. Claus hired ten-year old Patti to give pony rides to the guests visiting his village on Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks. Santa’s Workshop, the country’s first theme park, brought to life in 1949 by Brooks’ father, Julian Reiss. A biography of Julian Reiss can be bought here: The Man Who Dared to Dream.

With a childhood like this, it was inevitable that Patti would become a storyteller. At sixteen years of age, she sold her first article to a national magazine for $4.00. Since then she sold five 500+ articles, mostly to equine trade journals and several national magazines like Goodhousekeeping. Her first novel, Mountain Shadows, came out in 2003 and was required reading in a number of Adirondack high schools.

Patti BrooksSince then the mystery trilogy has been completed with the publication of Ransoming Victory. In addition, there is a short story collection, Five Minute Escapes and Brooks was invited to write a short story of Adirondack Mysteries II.

Patti BrooksYou can count on Patti Brooks to spin a good yarn with characters that stay with you long after the last chapter. Her novels don't tend to fit neatly into the rules of genre. But they are guaranteed to entertain.