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H is for Horse

image of book cover for H is for HorseEven before man learned how to harness the power of horses, he drew pictures of horses in his caves. Ever since, horses have partnered with man to make his life easier throughout the ages.

Today, horses’ role in man’s life is mostly recreational, delighting people, from children through seniors, by soaring over jumps, dancing through dressage, galloping at amazing speeds as well as being hitched to buggies and carriages. Many riders enjoy nature from the back of a horse while trotting down a trail, and horses brighten the days of our veterans and challenged individuals. Have you ever experienced a soft nicker and nuzzle from a velvety muzzle?

H is for Horse is a children’s alphabet book; an introduction to the wonder of horses. Every letter page has not only pictures and information on distinct horse breeds or famous horses, but also illustrations and descriptions of items and terms used in the horse world.

All contributors to H is for Horse are horse people, eager to share their passion for the wonderful animal, the horse.

Mountain Shadows

Mountain ShadowsRiveting story of danger, courage and love set in the exciting Prohibition era in New York State’s Adirondack Mountains. Joe and Alice's love is true, surviving under the most challenging conditions. Joe has difficult choices to make. He is a good-looking guy and women sometimes throw themselves at him, but his love for Alice doesn't waver.

Complex Mystery Trilogy series

Fame & Deceit

As a protagonist, Ike Cherny is not easy to love at first. He's the type of man mothers warn their daughters about. Good looking, arrogant and as much a stud as the stallions he profiles. But as he strives to turn the blue blooded horses on his employer's stud farm into world class show horses while his stable of two-legged fillies keep on handing him problems, we begin to feel for him.

Blood Hoax

A page-turning mystery with as many surprising twists as a country road

Life is anything but predictable on the Beckmere Farm that Ike Cherny manages. And to top it off, Tuleigh McKenna, the girl he’s about to marry, disappears. The sole item she left behind is the GPS she depended upon to get her to clients from Maine to Long Island. Can Ike follow all forty-three of her saved destinations and pick up a clue of Tuleigh’s whereabouts?

Ransoming Victory

Will Ike Cherny have the courage to survive the shenanigans of his best client and reclaim his reputation?

The Man Who Dared to Dream

The Man Who Dared to Dream Julian Reiss was a well-known and beloved man in his hometown of Lake Placid, New York. Though his Santa' Workshop at North Pole, NY was the first theme park in America, it was only one of Julian's firsts. Unheard-of profit sharing with his employees; a seat on the first New York State Commission on Anti-Discrimination; bring the first Winter Olympics to Lake Placid in 1932, launching Operation Toylift bringing 15 tons of toys to orphans and developing Camp Monserrate for inner-city youth.

Adirondack Mysteries

Adirondack MysteriesBrooks’ true story of a plane crash "Early One Halloween Night" joins an anthology of seventeen stories set in the authors who love the mountains.

Five Minute Escapes

Five Minute EscapesThis collection of eight entertaining short stories was written for everyone who enjoys getting lost in a good story and especially for those who are unable to commit to a full-fledged novel. The stories and book excerpts were chosen to shamelessly entice you into the exciting world of the written word. Five Minute Escapes is also a good choice whenever a small gift is needed.